5-Room Pinnacle@Duxton Flat Sells For An All-Time High Of $1.48M

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Pinnacle@Duxton takes the spotlight once again for having the most expensive HDB ever sold: a 5-room, mid-floor flat in Blk 1D.

5-Room Pinnacle@Duxton Flat Sells For An All-Time High Of $1.48M

When we talk about HDBs, it’s common knowledge that Pinnacle@Duxton has long reigned as one of the most highly-coveted HDB developments in Singapore. And while the project rakes in a fair number of million-dollar flat transactions a year, one recent sale is bringing the development back into the spotlight for having the most expensive transacted price it has ever seen.

5-room Pinnacle@Duxton flat sells for $1.48M

Just this August, a 5-room HDB unit in Blk 1D was sold for a record-breaking $1.48M – that works out to a hefty $1,285 psf. While this latest sale isn’t the highest psf price that we’ve witnessed from a Pinnacle@Duxton transaction, the flat still takes the cake for most expensive Pinnacle@Duxton HDB flat sold.

5-Room Pinnacle@Duxton Flat Sells For An All-Time High Of $1.48MImage adapted from: HDB

Here’s what we know about the unit in question: It’s a 107sqm (1151.74sqft) flat with a healthy lease of 86+ years on the 28th-30th floor of the 50-storey development. The flat is also the 6th million-dollar Pinnacle@Duxton sale to be made this year.

More Pinnacle@Duxton flats listed for >$1.5M

More Pinnacle@Duxton flats listed for >$1.5M Image adapted from:

At the time of writing, 4-room HDB Pinnacle@Duxton flats are being listed for as much as 1.45M, even more than some listed 5-room flats. From a quick search online, we’ve also found that Pinnacle@Duxton listings under $1M are outliers. In fact, from sales data, the last Pinnacle@Duxton flat that was sold under a million dollars was a 95sqm 4-room unit in Blk 1G on a low floor, and the sale took place back in Jan this year. This only shows that homeowners are dead set on getting the biggest return on their investment, and buyers aren’t deterred. So we predict that prices won’t be going down any time soon – cooling measures or not.

Why are Pinnacle@Duxton flats so popular?

Unique features of Pinnacle@Duxton flatsImage credit: PropertyGuru

Boasting panoramic views that sweep across the city’s skyline and sky-high gardens, playgrounds and jogging path, Pinnacle@Duxton has stood as one of the more luxurious HDB projects that we’ve seen across the years, comparable with some DBSS projects

It holds its title as the tallest HDB development ever built, and its central location in Tanjong Pagar is yet another factor that places this HDB development high on the wishlists of many Singaporeans – especially those who work in the CBD.

Features-wise, the project also boasts a whopping 35 different floorplan variations, with units comprising large full-length windows and planters in the bedrooms as well, features which are less commonly seen in other HDB flats.

Most expensive Pinnacle@Duxton flat sold

As some of us wait in anticipation to see prices for Pinnacle@Duxton flats rise or drop, what we can say with confidence is that these units are great investments whether you’re looking at partially renting out your unit or looking to live in it for a good number of years before upgrading.

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