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9 Best Painting Services In Singapore To Freshen Up Your Home Or Add New Colour

27 April 2022 | BY

Here are 9 best painting services in SG, from a speedy 48-hour option to a $280 budget option, for you to turn your house into a home.

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Painting – it’s what makes a house a home. Picking from different colours and textures allow homeowners to express their creativity, and make for a great way to add a nice personal touch to a home. 

Unfortunately though, when it comes to picking a contractor, it can sometimes be more stress than it’s worth – with one company after another advertising themselves as the “best on the market”, it can seem impossible to choose. Here, we’ve done the work for you, with this list of the 9 best painting services in Singapore, so you won’t have to sift through the fluff.

1. PS Painting Services – Free touch ups 

It’s not uncommon for paint jobs to require an additional touch-up after completion. Accidental scrapes can chip away at the paint, reducing its durability and making it look unpresentable. While you may think that a touch-up is easy as only a small part of the wall needs to be repainted, this is not the case. 

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PS Painting Services

Touch-ups require skill and precision in order to keep the area inconspicuous. Matching the paint colour to the original requires great skill, while using the exact same pain applicator is key to keeping the surface texture the same. Because of this, many contractors charge for any touch-ups, but not PS Painting Services.

Price range: From $350
Telephone: 6850 5025

PS Services website

2. Painter Cube SG – Paint and wall repair all in one

If you know anything about makeup, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to apply a smooth layer of foundation without first priming the face to fill up all the pores. The same goes with painting – it must be done on a smooth surface; if walls are rough or damaged, they must first be fixed up before painting can be done. 

One would typically need to engage a repairman to patch up the holes in the walls before having painters come in and get the job done. With Painter Cube SG, however, you don’t have to. More than just painting and wall repair, they also do mural art and have paint consultants to help you colour match your home.

Price range: From $700
Telephone: 6653 6260

Painter Cube website

3. Venue Painting – 24-hour service hotline

Once in a while, emergencies happen. If you somehow have run into a painting emergency, Venue Painting will be able to help you. With a full service hotline operating 24/7, their team is available to you around the clock. They offer a wide range of regular and textured paints including ultra-metallic and stone-textured. 

More than just urgent painting needs, however, this also makes them perfect for those with busy work schedules, who can’t be home to accommodate painters during the day. Other than offering round-the-clock painting services, they also specialise in whitewashing.

Price range: From $550
Telephone: 6319 7222

Venue Painting website

4. Budget Painting SG – One of the lowest prices on the market

Like the name suggests, Budget Painting SG offers one of the most cost-effective services on the market, perfect for those who need to get the job done, but on a tight budget. Where other contractors charge close to a thousand for a paint job, Budget Painting’s services start at $280.

Labour, delivery, cleanup and relocation costs are all included in their house painting prices. Even better, they don’t charge GST, so you can spend your 7% saving on some nice furnishings, or just save it if you’re really running on a budget. 

Price range: From $280
Telephone: 9734 1484

Budget Painting website

5. Coozy Painting Services – 7-day workweek and textured paint services

Unlike Venue Painting, Coozy Painting Services does not work around the clock. They do, however, work all 7 days of the week, making them a great option for those with non-urgent needs but busy schedules.

They also offer textured wall paints, including spray texture paint that creates a sandy, stony effect, as well as effect painting using specialised brushes, sponges and rags. Uniquely, they are one of the few contractors that do door painting. 

Price range: Varies, call for a quote.
Telephone: 9738 3496

Coozy Painting website

6. Nippon Paint – Free digital colour preview, widest range of paints

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A household name, Nippon has long established itself as a big player in the field, trusted for their paint quality and workmanship. 

best painting services
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While most people know that they offer painting services in addition to making their own paints, few know that they offer digital colour previews, which allow you to get a sense of what the completed job would look like without having to paint it first to find out.

Price range: From $1,250
Telephone: 6319 7222

Nippon Paint website

7. Galaxy Painters – Painting & waterproofing, with 5 years warranty

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Galaxy painters

Galaxy Painters offers waterproofing services in addition to painting, to ensure that the final job is both durable and presentable. Each completed job comes with a full warranty of 5 years against common defects such as flaking, peeling and cracking in the material. 

Price range: Varies, request for a free quote directly on the website.
Telephone: 8484 9772

Galaxy Painters website

8. – Complete job in under 48 hours

If you need the job done fast, may be the right contractor for you – while the average painting company can take anywhere from a couple days to a week, they complete any job in under 48 hours. 

As soon as details are established, the in-house painting team can come down the next day.

Price range: Varies, call directly for a quote.
Telephone: 6522 7803
Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573969

9. Raffles Paint – Non-toxic odourless paints

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For the environmentally conscious, Raffles Paint formulates their own line of eco-friendly paint, complete with non-toxic, anti-mould and odourless properties. Uniquely, they also offer washable paint and baby-safe paint, so you don’t need to worry about letting your tots use the house as their canvas.

paintImage credit: @rafflespaint

Raffles Paint also stocks one of the largest colour varieties in the country – with over 330 colours to choose from, you’ll probably be able to find something that suits the look you’re going for. 

Price range: From $900
Telephone: 6909 2781

Raffles Paint website

Best painting services in SG

Designing your dream home can be an incredibly time-consuming process, with so many things to keep track of and countless decisions to make. Hopefully, this list helps make things a little easier, by taking care of one of the more major components of a home renovation, picking a painting contractor.  

Cover image adapted from: PS Painting Services, @rafflespaint, @nipponpaintsg

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