King Albert Park GCB Once Owned By President Benjamin Sheares Now Listed For $30M

25 March 2023 | BY

Want to own a piece of Singapore’s history? You now can if you have $30M in the bank. This historic GCB is now on sale.

King Albert Park GCB

Here in Singapore, Good Class Bungalows (GCBs) are probably considered the pinnacle of the property market. After all, they are luxurious homes synonymous with the rich, affluent and influential; accompanied with some eye watering price tags that go beyond $66M.

In order for a bungalow to be classified as a GCB, the property must have a minimum size of 15,070sqft, and it cannot be more than 2 stories high. It also must be located in the prime districts of 10, 11, 20, 21, and 2; which include places along the likes of Bukit Timah, Holland, and King Albert Park.

If you happen to be in the market for a GCB, then this might pique your interest: a GCB located at King Albert Park will soon be listed for sale on 31st March 2023. What’s particularly interesting about this GCB is its association to a bit of Singapore’s history; the site that the bungalow sits on used to belong to Benjamin Sheares, Singapore’s second president.

With such exciting news on the cards, we break down the deets on everything you need to know about this upcoming sale.

Impressive 16,244sqft GCB located at King Albert Park

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

According to JNA Real Estate, who is the marketing agency for the property, the GCB is an impressive 12,500sqft home that sits on a 16,244sqft plot of land. It boasts features such as 9 bedrooms, a snaking driveway within the home that leads to a sheltered basement car garage, swimming pool, and also a private garden.

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

The property is listed for $30M, which translates to an approximate price of about $1,846psf. According to JNA, it’s quite an attractive price because this home is one of few GCBs in the market with an asking price of less than $2,000psf. 

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

Based on some of our checks on other GCBs currently listed for sale, it seems that the average price for these properties range from $2,051psf to as high as $2,727psf. We also happened to spot one GCB that was going for $4,037psf, but all in all it goes to show that this King Albert Park GCB is one of the more affordable GCBs in the market today.

King Albert Park GCBThe King Albert Park estate is actually right next to the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station, which is one of the many scenic stops along the Rail Corridor.
Image adapted from: Google Maps

In terms of location, the bungalow is nestled in the King Albert Park neighbourhood, bordering Clementi and Bukit Timah. A check on Google Maps shows where exactly it sits, amongst all the other GCBs in the vicinity.

As you can see, the home is also nestled right in the heart of the estate. One advantage is that it’s somewhat shielded from the dust and noise generated from the nearby Clementi Road, affording its occupants a sense of quietness away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. 

It also looks like the homes in the estate are reasonably spaced out, with lush greenery separating them to give each home some much-valued privacy.

Being located in the highly coveted District 10 region of Singapore, living here would mean easy and convenient access to some of the most popular places amongst Singaporeans. For instance, you’ll be right along the Rail Corridor, which is a 24km-long walking trail set amidst lush flora and fauna. 

Otherwise, you’re about a 5-minute drive or a 15-minute public transport commute away from places like Beauty World, Turf City or Sunset Way, which offer a wide variety of recreational options and eating outlets.

Luxurious interior largely unchanged from original design

If you thought that the property’s exterior was impressive already, wait till you see the interior.

King Albert Park GCBAre those marble tiles we see?
Image adapted from: JNA Real Estate

With 12,500sqft of space, it’s not surprising that this GCB currently houses 3 generations comfortably. Expansive communal and private areas offer family members privacy whilst giving them the opportunity for bonding. The main living hall features a spacious dual sofa which we can only imagine can seat up to 10 people comfortably. It even has a sizeable bar in the same space.

Another thing we love about this GCB is its The home also reportedly has a North-South orientation so its main living areas are shielded from harsh direct sunlight.

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

While some might think of the home’s interior as dated, the lack of extensive built-ins makes it so you can easily furnish the home as you so wish. With that being said, you’ll find ornate fittings like chandeliers at some areas around the house, which retain a sense of luxury that the GCB is associated with.

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

King Albert Park GCBImage adapted from: JNA Real Estate

For private spaces such as the bedrooms, well, this home has 9 of them. And from what we can tell, they’re all very spacious with the ability to accommodate not just a King-sized bed and a closet, but additional features such as a study table or reading nook.

A home associated to Singapore’s history up for sale

While the harsh reality is that the majority of us won’t be able to afford a GCB, it certainly doesn’t hurt to marvel and wonder at the sense of opulence and luxury that these homes bring.

All in all, this $30M GCB located at King Albert Park is an attractive property that is reasonably priced for its size, and its prospective owners will definitely be getting good mileage for their investment.

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Cover image adapted from: JNA Real Estate

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