HDB Has A Physical Showroom For You To Figure Out Which Flat Size Is Right For Your Fam

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Can’t decide on which flat size suits your fam? You can now head down to this HDB showroom to get a feel of the space IRL.

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When thinking about how your new home will look, it can be hard to visualise your interior design based on a floor plan and some renders. Thankfully, there’s a solution to that problem that doesn’t require you to ask to peek into a stranger’s home: showflats at the My Nice Home Gallery in HDB Hub.

In collaboration with a couple of interior designers, HDB has built stunning showflats in a variety of styles so you and your housemates can see how certain designs can be implemented in life-size.

2-room Flexi flat in soothing pink tones – Using sliding doors as walls

HDB Showroom - 2-room pink HDBImage credit: MyNiceHome

Designed by: IKEA and Livspace

The smallest BTO flat that people can buy is the 387sqft, 2-room Flexi flat. One might think that it might be hard to design given the small square footage, but IKEA and Livspace’s vision for this showflat with dreamy pink hues is anything but that.

One key feature they showcased in this showflat is using a sliding door to replace the typical wall that separates the bedroom from the living room. A moveable partition like that creates some versatility in the space, as you can open up the doors to make the living room feel bigger, and close it when you want some privacy.

HDB Showroom - 2-room pink bedroomImage credit: MyNiceHome

The use of a TV stand that can rotate 180 degrees also makes it such that you can binge-watch Black Mirror in the living room, and take it to the bedroom to continue when you’re tired.

2-room Flexi flat with Mid-century Modern vibes – Versatile spare room

HDB Showroom - 2-room mid-century modernImage credit: MyNiceHome

Designed by: Ciseern

The humble 2-room Flexi flat also comes in a bigger 495sqft layout that sports an extra study room that you can easily turn into a home office, a spare bedroom for guests, or both as the interior design firm Ciseern has proven in this showflat.

HDB Showroom - 2-room mid-century modern roomsImage credit: MyNiceHome

They creatively used the space to fit a fold-out bed into the side of the room, which also acts as a tabletop for those that need to work from home. Cabinets mounted to the top of the wall let the sleepers store their pillows and bedsheets when they’re not in use too.

3-room flat with retro colours & prints – Semi-open kitchen

HDB Showroom - 3-room retroImage credit: MyNiceHome

Designed by: Atelier Tang

3-room flats, while common, don’t have to be boring. Atelier Tang decked out the 3-room showflat at HDB’s MyNiceHome Gallery with retro colours and geometric patterns to liven up the space. The yellow couch in the living room perfectly complements the blue wall opposite.

And in lieu of a coffee table, the living room has a kid’s playmat to make full use of the space, especially since a 3-room flat only has 2 bedrooms.

HDB Showroom - 3-room retroImage credit: MyNiceHome

Families that have young children would also appreciate how the semi-open kitchen allows them to keep one eye on the troublemakers playing in the living room as they prepare their meals. And even when they grow older and no longer need much supervision, the openness of the space just makes socialising with visiting guests easier. It also proves that you don’t need a large flat just to have an open-concept kitchen.

4-room flat with Scandi aesthetics – Smart home features

HDB Showroom - 4-room scandiImage credit: MyNiceHome

Designed by: IKEA and Livspace

The Scandinavian aesthetic is one of the most popular design styles in Singapore – and around the world – for good reason. It’s clean, utilitarian, simple, and versatile. So much so that you can implement smart home gadgets and features into a Scandinavian-inspired home without anything looking out of place.

HDB Showroom - 4-room scandi master bedroomImage credit: MyNiceHome

The master bedroom in the 4-room showflat has a couple of smart gadgets that completely blend into the room’s design, like the blinds, lights, and even a smart speaker that’s disguised as a painting.

If you want to see how an HDB flat can incorporate smart technology, here’s one showflat to check out at the MyNiceHome Gallery.

5-room flat in tropical luxe colours – space-saving design features

HDB Showroom - 5-room tropical luxeImage credit: MyNiceHome

Designed by: Ciseern

Even though a 5-room flat has a lot of space for you to store all your barang, it’s imperative to not go overboard and think only of the aesthetics of your house. Ciseern demonstrated how smart use of space and storage systems can make a 5-room HDB flat look sophisticated and practical at the same time.

The first thing you’d notice when you enter the showflat is how the dining room spans the entire length of the wall, which makes entertaining friends and family an easy affair. One smart way that Ciseern maximised the use of this space is to turn the bench into a storage facility as well. This way, you can hide placemats, charger plates, and other miscellaneous items out of sight and out of mind.

HDB Showroom - 5-room tropical luxe roomsImage credit: MyNiceHome

Next to the kitchen is a small workstation with a twist: the desk can swivel in and out of the wall cabinets if you need to make space for a quick yoga session in the morning or mahjong games at night.

HDB Showroom - 5-room tropical luxe bedroomImage credit: MyNiceHome

One of the bedrooms also has a vanity with a flip-up mirror so everything is conveniently located in one spot. It’s little details like this that really make you feel as though you have a ton of space at home.

See HDB showflats at HDB Hub

Rather than knock on your neighbour’s door asking to see inside their home, one way you can visualise an interior design style is to visit HDB’s My Nice Home Gallery where there are showflats of 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-room HDB flats.

Plus, HDB remyfreshes the design of these showflats to ensure that they will always be furnished in trending interior design styles. Here’s a peek into what you might see when you visit the My Nice Home gallery next:

HDB Showroom - HDB HubImage credit: HDB

Address: HDB Hub, Biz Four, Level 3, Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 8.30am-5pm (Closed on Sun and Public Holidays)
My Nice Home Gallery website

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