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6 Old Freehold Condos With Massive Units To Snap Up As Forever Homes

1 November 2023 | BY

With units ranging up to 4,973sqft, here are 6 old freehold condo gems that make great forever homes for those with large families.

6 Old Freehold Condos With Massive Units To Snap Up As Forever Homes

There’s a certain allure that old freehold condos have. Some say that they have a certain charm despite a dated design, while others appreciate their mature character that harkens to a bygone era. The more pragmatic folks would gravitate towards the spaciousness and lack of leasehold concerns that these old freehold condos are known for.

If you’re in the market for an older freehold condo, specifically one with massive units that can be home to your growing family, here are 6 of them that you should check out.

1. Windy Heights – Only has 4-bedroom units from 2,400sqft

When one of our colleagues showed us how spacious her Windy Heights condo unit was, we were gobsmacked, to say the least. The development along Jalan Daud in Kembangan has been around since 1978 and was designed with families in mind, as the only available type of unit here are 4-bedroom condos of which there are 192 across 4 blocks.

Windy Heights CondoThink of how much entertaining space you’ll have with a condo in Windy Heights.
Image credit: A. K.

Each unit spans from 2,476-4,973sqft, which is more than twice the size of an average 4-room HDB flat. Just imagine the amount of space you can use and how you’ll finally be able to realise your dream of having a home office, home gym, and a playroom in separate parts of the house, and not having to squeeze them into the same room.

Windy Heights also has several amenities including a tennis court, a swimming pool, a wading pool and a playground for the kids. 

Windy Heights CondoThis is just one of the bedrooms in Windy Heights, which is bigger than some master bedrooms in other condos.
Image credit: A. K.

But the luxury of space doesn’t come cheap. Past transactions at Windy Heights over the past year put prices of units here at around $3 million and more, and there are currently 2 listings on PropertyGuru. The first is a 4-bedroom unit at 2,477sqft which is going for $3.25 million, while the other is the penthouse unit at 4,975sqft which would set you back around $6 million. Let’s hope the seller is open to negotiations.

2. Clementi Park – 3 bedrooms start from 1,600sqft

Clementi Park condoImage credit: SYRB

If you prefer a condo in the West, then Clementi Park would be your best bet. Completed in 1985, the condo has a slew of facilities including tennis courts, a badminton hall, a squash court, a clubhouse, 2 swimming pools, a mini-mart, a sauna, and a playground. But its selling point is the spaciousness of its units.

The 2-bedroom units won’t ever feel cramped as they start from 807sqft and can go all the way up to 1,399sqft. You can also opt for the terrace-style units that have been stacked to resemble rice padi fields, where each of them has a patio for those outdoor dining vibes. 

Clementi Park condoImage credit: Hecks Realty

Some blocks also have walk-up units that offer design features like high-vaulted ceilings that make the unit resemble a landed house with a roof. Lastly, the grounds of Clementi Park has a hill with some trails so you don’t have to venture far just to clock in your daily steps.

Price-wise, Clementi Park isn’t all too bad. Looking at transactions made in the past year, 2-bedroom units average around $1,403psf, while 3-bedroom units were sold for around $1,640psf.

The one downside to Clementi Park is its location. It’s located at the end of Sunset Way so even the “nearest” MRT is not all that near. The condo makes up for this with a shuttle service to Clementi MRT at $20/month. On the bright side, there’s the convenience of going to the shops along Sunset Way like Springleaf and Burnt Cones with ease. 

3. Trevose Park – Has maisonettes that are almost 3,200sqft

Trevose Park condoImage credit: Aaron Wan

Maisonettes aren’t just an HDB-only dwelling. The freehold condo Trevose Park also has maisonettes that are massive and worthy of your consideration, especially if you want a “landed” home that comes with all the amenities of a condominium.

Trevose Park condoImage credit: PropertyGuru

This listing on PropertyGuru features a 2,788sqft duplex at Trevose Park that boasts 4 bedrooms. Apart from the main living room on the first floor, there’s also a family room on the upper floor for that added privacy.

Trevose Park condoImage credit: PropertyGuru

The arched windows also let in a ton of natural light, making the space feel bright and airy. This feature is present in most of the Trevose Park units too, so don’t worry if you’re just looking to get a humble 3-bedroom unit in this development.

However, don’t expect these units to come cheap. As Trevose Park is located in the prime District 11, the condos will definitely reflect the price of the area. Most of the 3-bedroom units sold in the past year transacted for more than $3 million, or around $1,918-$2121psf. The listing for the maisonette mentioned above is also set at $5.6 million, just so you’re aware.

4. Thomson Grove – 3-bedroom units at almost 1,500sqft

Thomson Grove condoImage credit: The Assembly Place

One centrally-located estate that has plenty of older condominiums is Thomson, and Thomson Grove is one development that should be on your radar if you’re seeking out roomy condo units.

The 3- and 4-bedroom units here have built-up areas of 1,400-2,895sqft, ensuring that you and your family will have plenty of room to work and play at home. You also won’t have to contend for the facilities with too many neighbours, as this is a medium-sized development with around 116 residential units only.

Thomson Grove condoImage credit: The Assembly Place

One plus-point that most buyers might appreciate is that the layouts of the units in Thomson Grove are squarish, making it easy for interior designers to create your dream home. 

As of the time of writing, units at Thomson Grove are going for around $2.5-2.8 million for the 3-bedroom units, which puts them around $1,700psf. All things considered – including its close proximity to the new Lentor MRT station along the Thomson-East Coast line – makes this a pretty worthwhile investment for a forever home. Plus, you get easy access to all the great food in the Upper Thomson enclave too.

5. Regency Park – 3-bedroom units start from 2,250sqft

Regency Park condoImage credit: PIU Interior Design

If you’re a fan of big curved balconies, then look no further than at Regency Park. The condo in prime District 10 is known for its distinct curvatures, where every unit in the development boasts curved balconies and a lot of square footage in its interior. We’re talking about the 3-bedroom units having at least 2,250sqft.

Regency Park condoImage credit: Condominiums of Singapore

To make the units feel even more spacious, the architects have designed each unit to have split-level living and dining areas. Those who want more space can even look at units at the development’s high-rise block, where there are 4-bedroom units that are up to 3,455sqft. 

A lot of the land at Regency Park has also been dedicated to lush landscaping, making living here feel like you’re in the midst of an oasis rather than in the heart of Singapore’s city.

Regency Park condoImage credit: PIU Interior Design

Being in District 10, the condos at Regency Park would naturally command a high price. Lower-floor units have sold for around $5 million in the past year, while higher-floor units were sold for $6.4-$7 million. 

Bonus: Balmoral Hills – 3-bedroom units that go up to 2,217sqft

Balmoral Hills condoImage credit: PropertyGuru

Another condo in District 10 to consider is Balmoral Hills. It is slightly newer than the rest of the developments in this list, having been completed in 2007, but as it’s not as fresh as a newborn baby, we’re putting it on this list. Balmoral Hills is also one of the smallest developments in this list with only 62 units available albeit with sizeable square footage.

Balmoral Hills condoImage credit: Summerhaus D’zign

There are only 3- and 4-bedroom configurations available at Balmoral Hills, and you can get up to 2,217sqft of space with some 3-bedroom units. The developers have also carved out space for a helper’s room in each unit, which is a welcome addition for those with live-in domestic help.

Prices of units at Balmoral Hills are also not as steep compared to the other District 10 development in this list, Regency Park. 3-bedders are on sale from $3.5-$4.5 million, while 4-bedders are on sale for around $5 million. 

Freehold condos in Singapore with spacious units

While living in a new condo certainly has its perks, they lack the enduring charm and character that these older freehold condos have. You also won’t be able to find units with the same amount of space in freshly-TOPed condo, which only adds to why people are often seeking out these old freehold condos with spacious units to call their forever home.

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