What’s The Average Cost Of Renovation In Singapore For 2022?

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Renovation work for a 4-room BTO averages above $20,000. Here’s what you can add or remove from your Pinterest board to stick to your budget.  

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Whether you have a BTO, condo or resale flat, renovation works will turn the house into a home. However, with skyrocketing costs and a multitude of different components to consider, the cost factor can be stressful for first-time and seasoned homeowners alike. 

Estimating the average cost of renovation beforehand can be helpful in budgeting, saving up for your dream home and avoiding unpleasant surprise costs. To help you out, we’ve done the legwork to prepare this guide for the latest estimated costs of renovation in Singapore in 2022

Every home is different, but we take reference from the renovation costs of 3-room flats (645-700sqft), 4-room flats (968.8sqft), and 5-room flats (1,184sqft). We also highlight the difference between renovating a new BTO and resale flat which could require a little more TLC to spruce up. 

Common renovation components 


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Open-concept homes are a popular design choice, but it’s likely that you will need to hack walls to allow more light to flood the home and achieve that signature spacious look. So long as you have a written permit from HDB or your condo’s Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST), you can hack down walls and other fixtures like tiles or built-in furniture. 

You might imagine that hacking down just part of a wall will help you save on hacking costs – but beware that partial hacking is often even more expensive than taking the whole wall down. Another tip for homeowners is to check that the quotation of service from the contractor or ID includes both demolition and disposal. The last thing you want is to be forced to fork out extra for clean up and disposal! 

Estimated cost*: $400-$900 per wall
3-room flat: $3,100
4-room flat: $3,600
5-room flat: $4,200 

You may also need to dismantle old furniture, especially for resale flats. The job scope also falls under this category, especially for pieces that need to be detached from walls or lighting points.

reno cost

Masonry, Tiling and Flooring  

renovationImage credit: @freespaceintent

Closely linked to the hacking process are the additional costs for touching up the curbs, placing tiles, and waterproofing any gaps in the cement. Depending on the scope, the masonry cost can range from $100 for light repairs to over $10,000 for extensive refurbishment of the curbs and flooring. 

For tiling work, you will have to pay for both the tile itself ($3.20/tile on average) and labour to lay the tiles ($4-6 psf on average). 

Alternatively, to save on expenses, you can also opt for a different flooring material such as vinyl. Not only is it slightly cheaper, it works perfectly for living rooms and bedrooms, especially for Scandinavian, Modern or Contemporary themed homes. 

Estimated Tiling Cost*: $9.70 per square feet
Skirting Cost: $6 per foot run

Tiling per living room (220sqft): $2,260
Tiling per bathroom (300sqft): $4000

*Data taken from HDB Registered Contractor DirectReno 

Estimated Flooring Cost (Vinyl)**: $0.60-$3 per square feet
3-room flat: $800-$1,100
4-room flat: $1,200-$1,500
5-room flat: $1,400-$16,00

**Data aggregated from Contractors, including Laminate Flooring and BilRich


renovationImage credit: Fuse Concept

You’ve done your research and saved a million inspiration photos for your Pinterest-worthy kitchen – and now it’s time to turn that into reality. 

While extensive work on built-in cabinets, countertops and kitchen islands can balloon carpentry costs quite quickly, one easy way to save is to pick out loose pieces for the living room and bedrooms. Think aesthetic furniture like cupboards, TV consoles and bookcases instead of doing full custom carpentry.

Most quotations for carpentry charge “per foot run” (pfr) of work, which roughly equals 30 centimetres. Top and bottom cabinets are calculated separately, as well as other additions like custom cabinet doors. 

Estimated cost*: $100-$120 per foot run

reno cost*Data aggregated from ID firms including ELPIS, JS Carpentry and Tan Carpenters

Electrical rewiring

renovationImage credit: @Threedconceptwerke

Electrical rewiring is mainly functional, but small details such as the position of power points can elevate the look and feel of your home. Even for resale flats, it’s important to maintain old wires to prevent electrical faults. 

Engaging a professional electrician to install large electric appliances such as water heaters, chandeliers or ceiling fans is also highly recommended. Prices range anywhere from $30 for a new on-off light switch to $250 for a large water tank heater. Depending on your contractor, you may be charged per hour or day of work, or even per item replaced. 

reno cost*Data from Get Electrician Singapore

Estimated total cost:
3-room flat (including 10 power points) : $1,699
4-room flat (including 12 power points) : $2,399
5-room flat (including 14 power points) : $3,299 


renovationImage credit: Insight.out Studio

Basic plumbing works to install sinks, toilets and showers will add anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 to your home renovation tab. That said, it’s one of the places in the house we’re sure to spend lots of time in, so it could also be worthwhile budgeting for pieces like a shower screen ($600-$850) or vanity ($850-$1,200) to spruce the bathroom up. 

Estimated Cost*: $1,200-$1,500 per bathroom for basic plumbing work 

*Data from ID firm LivSpace

The other place in your home that requires plumbing work is the kitchen. This is usually kept simple with replacing the basin ($150) and sinkhead ($40-$60) to make your kitchen as functional as it is beautiful. 

Estimated Cost**: $190-$210 for basic kitchen plumbing 

*Data from Homeplumbing SG


renovationImage credit: @lamjuar

There’s nothing more satisfying than topping off your new space with a fresh sheen of colour. As a general rule of thumb, paint jobs will take one to three days to complete and can be charged as a package for the entire home, or according to the type and size of the room. 

For example, bedrooms can cost anywhere from $275 to $575, while kitchens can set you back from $175 to $375. Note that contractors typically charge additional for painting separate elements. For example, painting doors and toilet pipes can start at $50 each.

The cost also varies on the quality of paint. Odourless paints tend to be the most expensive, hovering around $28-30 per litre. A 4-room flat would need around 30 litres of paint for one coat alone, so it can quickly add up even if you decide to DIY. 

Estimated Cost*:
3-room flat: $600-$1,150
4-room flat: $700-$1,250
5-room flat: $800-$1,400

*Data aggregated from contractors including Munda, Meptech Painting and

Average renovation cost in Singapore 

As a whole, home renovations are one of the biggest projects you will take on in terms of cost and complexity. Even with just the most basic components of hacking, masonry and flooring, electrical wiring, plumbing and painting, the costs add up to an estimated: 

reno cost
reno cost

*Data aggregated from ID firm ELPIS
**Data from local service Helpling SG

The work needed for resale flats can be much more, such as for dismantling and replacement works, driving up the costs by up to 40%.

3-room resale flat: $15,244-$21,782
4-room resale flat: $31,344-$39,562
5-room resale flat: $40,094-$72,182

Note: Figures rounded down to the nearest whole number. 

This actual cost will vary widely based on different cost drivers like custom carpentry built-ins, extensive hacking and choice of material, but it is a good baseline to start planning with. Do take these estimates as a starting point for your own research.

HDB renovation cost in 2022

Renovating your home can be a daunting task, but knowing the different renovation components and the latest cost estimates gives you a clearer picture on what to expect. In addition, knowing about the potential hidden costs, such as with cleaning and the cost of appliances, can help you build your dream home while sticking to your budget. 

For more useful renovation inspiration: 

Cover image adapted from: @Threedconceptwerke, Insight.out Studio

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