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This Bright, Airy Terrace Is An Art Gallery Of Concrete & Wood, Has Tadao Ando-Inspired Walls & An Oculus

1 May 2024 | BY

This modern industrial landed home looks just like an avant-garde art gallery.

Nestled amidst other terrace houses in Serangoon is the dwelling of renowned architect Theodore Chan and his ceramic artist wife— a modern industrial home with split levels that’s full of natural light. Beyond its facade adorned by greenery, lies an art gallery-esque home with an extensive collection of artworks and ceramics on display.


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Unlike other landed homes we’ve covered, this structural marvel is designed to be a live-work studio and gallery. Its unique concept and innovative design even netted it a nomination for 2020’s President’s Design Awards in the architecture category.

art gallery home exterior

Split into 6 sub-floors with natural light flooding in

It’s no surprise that this home has won critical acclaim, with its internal configuration splitting the building into 6 sub-floors. Despite the multitude of levels, its split stair concept allows each sub-floor to flow seamlessly into one another, connecting all 6 floors efficiently, optimising the built-up area within the space.

The split staircase winds around a central air-light atrium, creating an airwell that allows light to drench the interiors via the operable skylight. The skylight can also be opened to ventilate the house.

art gallery home layoutImage credit: CIAP Architects

In fact, the space redefines terrace house conventions with its focus on cross-ventilation, headlined by massive windows on both the front and back facades of the house.

In-house pottery studio with art gallery vibes

art gallery home pottery atelier

The back of the 1st floor houses a fully equipped pottery atelier, with well-used equipment alongside expertly made ceramics displayed like badges of honour.

art gallery home living room

This studio, along with the canvases adorning the off-form concrete walls of the gallery room, lend a cultured air to the home that softens the industrial look of the home and lends it a modern quality.

When not filled with the sounds of pottery-creation, the sounds of the water feature beside the atelier permeate the 1st floor, inspiring a sense of zen and inner peace.

Beyond the soundscape it provides, the pond also serves as the centrepiece of the home’s water drainage system, cooling the home from the inside out with collected rainwater. Guests often comment that the home feels starkly cooler than outside, even when the air-conditioning is not in use.

Cafe-style kitchen with bar

When they invite guests over, a focal point of the hosting experience for the couple is the kitchen-cafe on the 2nd floor. Here, a strategically placed kitchen island acts as a bar, adding a unique twist to communal dining—guests even have the option of helping the homeowners with preparing the meal for a more intimate gathering.

Bonus: Tadao Ando-style party walls and oculus

It’s no secret that the minds behind this home are fans of Tadao Ando’s work, even calling the off-form concrete wall on the right side of the home the “Ando Wall”.

In particular, the modernist oculus on the 2nd-floor balcony reminds us of the Japanese master architect’s focus on beauty in simplicity.

The oculus allows light to reach the inner depths of the porch, brightening the space. It also allows visitors to peer up at the massive Casuarina tree flanking the home, which was planted for the couple many years ago.

Bright & airy modern industrial landed home

Every element of the home’s design has a personal touch to it, from the oculus to the pottery studio. Unlike other industrial-style homes, this terrace is a perfect example of letting your home marinate in your presence, instead of the other way around.

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Photography by Ally Siew.

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