BHG Bugis Revamps Its L3, Has New Home & Kid Spaces You Can Interact With

7 July 2022 | BY

BHG Bugis reopens its newly-renovated Home & Living department – with a Live Kitchen Studio, Xiaomi showroom, and new self-checkout system.

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For many Singaporeans, BHG Singapore is a household name. It’s a lifestyle department store known for its wide range of products. However, it’s definitely not the first one that comes to your mind when you think about buying furnishing your space. But that’s about to change with the arrival of BHG’s newly renovated space at Bugis Junction.

What’s changed since the renovation?

bhg bugis

Stepping into the store, what first caught my attention were the bright displays and labels that can be seen even from afar. On top of its different sections, it’s easy to spot a specific brand and the products that have been categorised by function. It’s almost like a supermarket – where you can easily spot what you need and head to a certain aisle.

bhg bugis

The Pillow Gallery is also something that I ooh-ed and ahh-ed at – because of its artificial starry night sky and LED screens that help you tell the difference between your typical memory foam and high density foam – as well as how it can give you a more therapeutic sleep.

home & living

For those who prefer to explore on their own, you’ll also be glad to know that you don’t have to wholly rely on a salesperson to know the products better – the informative panels and infoboxes can do that for you. Most brands have an individual setup or feature shelves, which are accompanied by labels and descriptions that let you know which item best suits your lifestyle.

bhg bugis

The new department has returned with a sleek, yet calming interior. Coupled with monochrome accents and angular lines, the wooden ceiling beams and shelves also evoke a relaxing ambience. They also have a mini exhibit at the end: a Designer Kitchen gallery with bright-red accents to grab your attention, featuring brands like Ankarsrum and Brabantia Gadgets. 

From the typical dining, kitchen, bedding, fragrance, and kids’ sections to the new Pillow Gallery and exclusive brand showrooms, here’s what you need to check out at the store’s new Home & Living department.

Catch cooking demonstrations and exclusive products at a new kitchen and dining area

BHG Bugis has recently revamped its third level, introducing a new experiential shopping concept to the floor with discovery galleries and interactive showroom concepts. 

home & living

Approaching the dining section, you’ll notice that a dining table has been set up, with dining ware and cutlery arranged neatly. In fact, it seems as if it’s an actual family meal set-up – BHG has deliberately arranged their featured dining ware in a way that mimics what would be a dining table set-up in a real-life household. 

home & living

On top of existing brands such as Charles Millen, BHG Bugis has also welcomed newcomers like Welcome Home by Merdu, an Indonesian brand known for its simple yet artistic designs. Going for a natural-stone or concrete look for your homes? Their collections will fit right in – they’re made of quality materials like Stoneware and Fine China, complete with a matte finish.

bhg bugisA tea set from Charles Millen’s Signature Collection has been carefully arranged on a tablecloth.

For those who want to make your dinners more celebratory and classy, keep an eye out for RCR Crystal and LUCARIS. Their glass and crystal tableware are a classic when it comes to making your homes feel like a high-end restaurant – especially the faceted crystal glasses, which are perfect for enjoying your spirits and wines.

And if you’re a shopper who’s obsessed with Japanese products and brands, check out NARUMI – its products are so exquisite and aesthetic, they’ve been chosen by 5-star restaurants and hotels across the globe.

home & livingThis Did You Know panel shares a brand’s philosophy and history.

Take a look at Whittard’s mini gallery: the Did You Know panel above introduces the brand’s origins and purpose, helping shoppers to resonate more strongly with the brand. Through it, you can get to know the brand’s specialities and whether their products appeal to your tastes and preferences.


One of the most exciting new features is BHG Bugis’ first-ever Live Kitchen Studio. As part of a partnership between BHG Singapore and At-Sunrice Global Academy, BHG Bugis has set up a fully-equipped kitchen studio that serves as a demonstration space for the Academy’s chefs.

The studio is also paired with 3 LED televisions that advertise kitchen-ware deals and most importantly – give patrons a HD view of the live cooking. The screens are so big that they can be seen from afar – you won’t have to worry about missing out on the live cooking if there’s a crowd.

To make your shopping experience more inclusive, the outlet’s patrons get to participate in the regular culinary events where chefs from the Academy will share innovative and healthy recipes – it can be a feast for both your eyes and your tastebuds.

home & living

More on WellSpent Gourmet2Go, they’re Singapore’s first and only food upcycling platform. New to BHG, the brand promotes products that’ve been made from upcycled ingredients like Okara and Moromi. On top of benefits like healthier bowels and reduced inflammation in the gut, they’re also vegan and some are even gluten-free. 

Although upcycled foods might be a novel or unattractive concept to some, their Okara Lavash and Okara Almond Cookies taste delicious – at least, they have our seal of approval. You can pair these cookies with some tea for a mugging session, or just snack on a packet of lavash during movie nights.

bhg bugis

The designer German kitchenware brand, WMF also introduces its first-ever showroom concept with its signature dark, sleek displays. Its kitchen appliances and tools are arranged and displayed according to a specific activity in the kitchen – Preparing, Cooking, Dining, and Drinking. 

With this clear categorisation of products and big labels to go with, it is visually easy for shoppers to identify the products they need. Depending on your chosen or favourite activity in the kitchen, you can make a beeline for the respective section.

home & living

As for the rest of this section, it is also easy to spot Did You Know panels that provide more information on specific brands and what best suits your culinary needs. In contrast to traditional knife displays, the revamp has introduced an aesthetic, encased set-up that is child-friendly – parents don’t have to worry about their children getting hurt while they do their shopping.

Kitchenware enthusiasts can also check out stylish brands like Joseph Joseph and Wüsthof. The former specialises in ergonomic designs that will reduce safety risk and accidents in the kitchen. Wüsthof on the other hand, offers quality products that’s known for being Gordon Ramsay’s pick. 

bhg bugisThe Designer Kitchen gallery.

Specially featured on this wall of mixers and coffee machines are Ankarsrum’s Assistent Original mixers, all-in-one appliances that’s both powerful and silent – you won’t sound like you’re drilling a hole in the wall when you use it to bake cookies at home.

It’s definitely not your average mixer – it’s a mixer, dough-kneader, meat-mincer, pasta-cutter, blender, and food processor all rolled into one. Talk about killing six birds with one stone.

Test out your pillows by “sleeping” in a cosy gallery 

bhg bugis

When you first approach the Pillow Gallery, a dark blue station is what greets you, complete with lighting that mimics a soothing starry night. In fact, these lights have been adjusted to create a more soothing, night-like ambience – it’ll get you feeling like you’re ready to go to bed.

home & living

Along with other stations that allow you to test out pillows, covers, and materials, the Pillow Gallery encourages you to imagine what it would be like to purchase a pillow that you’d want to relax in bed with. From neck support to memory foam types, they get you thinking of what pillow would bring you the greatest level of comfort. 

bhg singaporeThese sensory stations are accompanied by informative tips.

With the abundance of information and inclusive design that engages shoppers’ visual and auditory senses, the gallery gives them a better gauge of what pillow would suit customers needs better – you’re less likely to regret your decision afterwards.

bhg bugisA mock bed for shoppers to test out their preferred pillows.

One of the newcomers to BHG Bugis is the premium Italian brand, Dorelan. From carefully designed mattress and bed frames to quality pillows and bedsheets, Dorelan is known for its quality and comfort – and it just so happens that Dorelan is retailing its bed frames exclusively with this BHG outlet.

bhg singapore

bhg singaporeThe Flip mattress.

One product that you should miss is its Flip dual-side mattress that is able to “grow” with your children. Designed to fit a child’s needs as he or she grows, it factors in a child’s ever-changing height and provides good support. One can simply “flip” the mattress with a higher elevation once your child grows older.

It’s also hypoallergenic and has undergone Anti-mite Fiberbact treatment – taking into account young children’s sensitive skin. 

bhg singapore

We all know the feeling of purchasing a product, but hating it the moment we actually put it to use at home. In this way, buying mattresses is also a tricky affair – it’s either they don’t provide the right support for your neck or because you’re just a side sleeper who can’t deal with shoulder pains from the wrong mattress. 

To help you make a purchase with no regrets, all of the retailing mattress brands at BHG have recently set up small consultation counters – shoppers can take a seat, get comfortable, and speak to professionals on products they’re interested in. 

Let the kids play or snag them cute stationery 

For the Kids section, BHG has created a new nook – a Kids’ playground equipped with wood benches and sponge mats. Parents, guardians, and children alike can look forward to a space where they can interact, try out toys, or take a rest from their shopping.

home & living

Like Dorelan, the Kate Spade NY stationery line is a new addition to BHG Bugis. Besides Tomica, the Japanese brand that is known for their die-cast toy vehicles, Kate Spade NY stationery is the only other brand exclusively retailing at this BHG outlet. 

For moms who are ardent fans of Kate Spade and own one of their bags, here’s a chance for you to twin with your child. If it’s just your child who has a liking for cheery, preppy stationery, there’s no harm in splurging on a cute pen or two. With such a wide range of prints and school accessories, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. 

If you’re a parent looking for a fun, yet productive way to keep your child busy during the weekends and holidays – check out Ann Williams and Kaisercraft, two names that specialise in innovative craft kits for young kids. They’re even catered for children of different ages – letting the older kids know that they aren’t left out of the fun.

For parents of toddlers and infants, BRITAX is a trusted name in the field of child safety products. They also specialise in sturdy, yet comfy car seats. And they’ve also considered a parent’s worst nightmare – installing these seats. Securing BRITAX’s car seats to your vehicle is less complex than traditional ones – they utilise convertible and clicking mechanisms. 

Learn more about which scent suits your home

bhg singaporeThis carefully curated display allows you to imagine what it would be like to take a scented bath at home.

With the store’s renovation, its Bath & Home Fragrance section has since undergone an expansion. With households spending more time indoors due to arrangements like WFH and online tuition, you’ll surely want a place you frequent to smell great. 

New to the store are Royal Doulton and The Aromatherapy Company, brands known to offer classy and luxurious diffusers. For those who want their diffusers to add a fun pop of colour to their homes, look for Mr & Mrs Fragrance and Mews Collective, which provide travel and nature-themed designs.   

Finally, you can also #supportlocal with Pristine Aroma, a brand inspired by luxurious and rejuvenating hotel experiences – so you can recreate that vacation right in your homes.

bhg bugis

An upgrade from their old diffuser displays, BHG Bugis added a small infobox with tips on how best to choose or use specific scents. Unless you’re an expert in this area, it might be difficult to choose from so many. Thus, these infoboxes will let you know which scent suits which daily activity best – regardless of whether you’ll be working from home or taking an afternoon nap.

These’ll also come in handy if you’re someone who gets easily overwhelmed when it comes to choosing scents – smelling different scents all at once might get too much.

Try out Xiaomi appliances at its new showroom space

bhg singapore

Of course, we can’t leave out Xiaomi’s all-new showroom – it features the brand’s smart home lines like MIJIA and Smartmi. Many of these appliances can be centrally controlled via the Mi Home mobile application.

You can try out appliances like the Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 2 Lite (above) and vacuums. 

For homeowners who are looking to renovate and transform their home into a smart one, they can check out the wireless fans and robot vacuum-mop – products that will make home living easier and fuss-free. 

Visit BHG Singapore’s revamped flagship store 

On top of new features such as the Live Kitchen Studio, Dorelan, and Xiaomi, patrons can also look forward to a self-checkout system that’s coming soon to BHG Bugis – the outlet will be setting up self-checkout kiosks on Levels 2 and 3 for a faster and more convenient shopping experience.

BHG’ move to refresh its flagship store in Bugis has introduced interactive and informational elements that can make their shoppers’ experience more convenient and purposeful. Whether you’re looking for a new blender, or just out and about to window-shop, it’s worth your time to check out BHG Bugis – especially with its ongoing opening promotions.

From 8 to 17 July, shoppers can stand to win attractive prices and discounts (with a minimum spend); they can also participate in a Facebook and Instagram photowall contest and who knows, you might just bring home a snazzy, new Nutribullet Pro 900.

For more shopping deals, check out BHG Singapore’s website.

Address: 200 Victoria Street, #01-100, #03-11, Singapore 188021
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 6223 2222

Photography by Nicole Ang.

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